5 Financial Tips Every Small Business Owner Should Know


Small business owners (SBOs) usually have limited fund sources for their startups, so financial advice from the experts and fellow entrepreneurs are extremely helpful to create and maintain successful businesses. We list five financial tips every small business owner should know as advised by seasoned entrepreneurs in the field.

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7 Things to Consider When Hiring Your Small Business Accountant


If you are in the initial phases of running a small business, one of the things you should consider hiring out rather than try doing it yourself is accounting. Given how crucial number-crunching is for every business, here are seven things to consider when hiring your small business accountant.

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10 Tweeting Tax Experts You Need to Follow Now


There are only two things that are sure in this world – death and taxes. We list 10 tax experts in the forms of agencies, accounting companies, IRS experts and tax gurus that you must follow on Twitter now – because what better way to keep abreast with information than social media?

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3 Ways to Ease Your Accounting Woes


Accounting errors are bound to happen from time to time, but the severity and frequency of occurrence can be avoided with proper planning and preparation. Knowing how to ease your accounting woes will help you correct them early on, saving you time, money and the unwanted stress and giving you the competitive edge to streamline your operations.

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In Case of Emergency: Why Accountants are Flying to the Cloud


If there is one thing disasters like Hurricane Sandy taught accountants, it is to extend disaster-preparedness to their computer data. Armed with hard life-changing experience, more accountants are now turning to the cloud – storing their financial data remotely.

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Should Your Business Pay the Price for Bank Fraud?


As most businesses choose to do their banking online these days, there is the significant question of who gets the responsibility of keeping it safe and secure. In this digital age, hackers and security breaches are increasing in numbers. Should your business pay the price for bank fraud?

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