Banks Need to Embrace Digital Transformation, and Outsourcing Can Help Make It Happen


The financial industry has always been a volatile market. With the significant changes in the global capital markets in the recent years, it was forced to rethink their current processes and shift towards outsourcing more than what they have usually outsourced before.

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Does Your Financial Adviser Possess These 5 Must-Have Qualities?

High angle view of a smiling young couple in meeting with a financial adviser at home

Are you scouting around for a financial adviser? Don’t settle for just any Tom, Dick and Harry that comes along. Here are five traits to look out for before you put your financial future in their hands.

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5 Ways Customer Service Training Can Help the Finance and Accounting Team

Business people sitting on presentation at office. Businesswoman presenting on whiteboard.

The finance and accounting department typically focus on getting the numbers right, since it’s their utmost priority. However, customer service training shouldn’t be overlooked entirely, as this can further improve a business’ operation.

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Accounts Payable vs Accounts Receivable: What’s the Difference?


When one thinks of how successful or unsuccessful a business is doing, it’s natural to lean towards the strategic elements of an organization that ensure profits come in: investments, funding decisions and risk management.

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10 Bookkeeping Tips from the Experts [Tweets]


What better way to learn a thing or two about handling your accounting or doing bookkeeping for your business than from the experts themselves? We round up ten bookkeeping tips from the experts straight from their Twitter accounts and we hope it helps you have a more concrete accounting set up for your business.

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