10 Character Traits Every Accountant Needs


Accountants should possess certain characteristics that will allow them to do their jobs well. We’ve compiled ten traits that we believe a good accountant should possess. Take a look at this list and see if you agree.

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What’s Up in Accounting (January 4 – 10, 2015)


As a welcome greeting to 2015, let’s look at Accounting as it goes to the clouds, literally! Cloud Accounting has been a trend for the past few months, but it gained strength since 2015 came. Are we ready for this new chapter? Here are the articles you need to be on top of your Cloud Accounting game.

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What’s Up in Accounting (Nov 30 – Dec 6, 2014)


There are plenty of ways to change our views on accounting and finance, and it should come with the rise of data. It wouldn’t hurt to have access to a possibility of zero errors, right? Some may also need a helping hand to help with their accounting tasks; we have a bunch on the cloud, get some! Here are the articles you need to be on top of your Accounting game.

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How to Easily Handle Your Company’s Finances this Holiday Season


The last month of the year can be the busiest and most overwhelming for business owners. There’s a lot to be accounted for, plotted then projected into the incoming year with planning, not to mention preparing for annual taxes. However, the process of year-end preparations for your business accounting and tax planning doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here are five year-end accounting tips on how to easily handle your company’s finances this holiday season.

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10 Risk Management Expert Blogs to Follow


Given the fast pace with which market dynamics and policies are developed together with the global financial crisis, you would need a risk management team to help your company achieve higher returns leading to increased confidence and trust for stakeholders to do business with you.That being said, you also need to stay updated with the current trends. We have rounded up a list of ten risk management expert blogs worthy of following.

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What’s Up in Accounting (Nov 16 – 22, 2014)


Do you trust your accountant when it comes to the newest and latest advancements on his/her field? Most may say no, and it truly is quite disturbing. Technology is a great tool to make everything accurate and easier. There are lots of benefits to this generation’s technological advancements, and the accounting Industry should take notice. Here are the articles you need to be on top of your accounting game.

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