Outsourcing Finance and Accounting: Are you ready to let go?

Outsourcing Finance and Accounting: Are you ready to let go?

Business leaders often look for ways to manage their companies using a cost-effective distribution plan, small businesses and entrepreneurs find more creative ways to achieve their business goals, all of these plans pin down one of the questions that decide on for the future use of their resources: “Who will work on it?”

Outsourcing is commonly defined as an external service provided by another business organization specializing on the needs of a company like additional resources, software, or technology all included in a form of a package paid each due contract. However, beyond the description of a contractual service, an executive should ponder all the underlying factors that lead the company to outsource.

In an article by Forbes on strategic outsourcing, is it said “Knowing how and when to outsource can be complicated, even describing can be complicated. Companies generally outsource in two ways: they outsource a single component of their daily operations, or they establish outsourcing as a strategic part of their business”, this means outsourcing can always come in handy but it doesn’t necessarily guarantee success until you determine certain services that your company is free to let go for operations.

Finance and accounting holds one of the most critical information for a company as the process functions as an illustrative numerical map of all the transactions of the company up to its revenue growth. Managing payroll, auditing, tax consultations, and the like are one of the responsibilities held on this area, which means more information, more workload, more paper, and more resources.

If a business leader has opt to outsource its resources for finance and accounting, what could possibly be the points to consider if the company is ready to work with a third-party organization? Here are the following tips to successfully determine a customized service deal:

  1. Systemized work – Proposed workflow with technology is bound to operate with human intervention to control quality and reduce human errors, F&A transactions will have the chance to become automated and integrate a process suggested by the outsourcing partner.
  2. Routine – finance processes with defined output and income are considered good candidates for outsourcing as these tasks are associated with transaction procedures and have a degree of predictability where service and quality can be measured.
  3. Time and tools – access to modern equipment such as cloud technology, cryptocurrency, and hard machines promote flexibility and more data storage. This also encourages paperless communication and a larger work space for department offices, freeing them to a mountain of papers that hold the oldest transactions.
  4. Experience and Expertise – an outsourced staff should hold passing qualifications such as education, service experience, work attitude, and availability. These resources are an extension of your company and will represent you according to their performances and growth.
  5. Training – outsourcing doesn’t end on getting an external group to work on the needs of your company, a business leader must be ready to spend time training the designated representatives of the company, and must provide all the details that will serve as their guide in terms of onboarding.

In a survey conducted by PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), with innovation being tagged as “The Red World” that incubates new products and business models, organizations will race to the rising digital platforms to formulate corporate modernizations in serving clients that have been more accustomed in a faster and a more flexible transactions.

In this continuously developing industry where partnerships and competition is a mixture of business success, an emerging leader of service and technology must undergo operational decisions that lie between staying in traditional mode of accounting or venturing in a digital platform offered by external organizations that makes use of their specialized services to improve attributes of the company.

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  1. Jack says

    Thanks for sharing this useful and informative article on outsourcing accounting and finance. When it comes to small businesses and entrepreneurs then they mostly prefer a cost-effective solution to many of their function and one such function is accounting and finance. Outsourcing accounting gives them the following benefits
    -Expert Solution
    – Increased accuracy

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    The tips you have told are very useful and i was searching this type of content. I enjoyed reading your blog, thanx for sharing knowledgeable information.

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