Outsourcing Tools

outsourcing tools

Infinit Accounting freely offers these three Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Tools to help and assist with your decision-making process. Effectively use the following tools in accordance with your company needs:

Feasibility Tool

Use our online feasibility tool to help you arrive at a better decision when outsourcing. We help our clients to gauge their needs so we can provide them with outsourcing solutions that are best fit for their needs.

Readiness Tool

We take pride in our efforts to guide our clients in securing the right strategic opportunity for them. Our Outsourcing Readiness Tool will help you determine whether you have made the necessary arrangements before partnering with an outsourcing solutions provider.

ROI Assessment Tool

We believe the online assessment will provide a comprehensive but easy-to-use tool for calculating the probable return on investment on the outsourcing effort you are considering. This tool will help you understand the net cost savings and other benefits from a quality outsourcing project.