Lease Agreement Analysis

Lease agreements are often designed to maximize potential financial performance for lessors.  Measuring financial performance of a lease program is the key to managing it over time.

Lease Agreement Analysis entails more than a simple lease versus buy at beginning of lease or adding up monthly payments. It requires measurement of the total economic transfer between lessee and lessor(s) to determine the all-in cost of leasing including interim rent, extension, buyout and other lease costs beyond the committed rents.

Infinit Accounting specializes in risk rating equipment lease agreements and performing financial lease analysis to help scope, cap and reduce all in lease costs, as well as avoid signing risky and costly lease contracts. We also analyze complex provisions on a lease agreement and identify provision that needs renegotiation.

Infinit Accounting’s team members currently consists of ​Certified Public Accountants, Certified Securities Specialists, and ​M.B.A. graduates. This proves increase in work quality and excellence, especially on a broad range of finance and accounting functions, financial topics, including market dynamics and regulations, equity portfolio management, investment strategies, financial theories, and valuation techniques. Infinit Accounting has developed and enhanced the core analytical competencies of market analysts, brokers, investors, and other financial practitioners, and will continue doing so in the future.

The following are the services we can offer for you:

  1. Space Utilization – We can help you maximize efficiencies within your organization by driving unneeded and unproductive space from your portfolio. Our workplace strategy team can measure your workspace utilization and help you identify unneeded space so you can manage and optimize your storage and facility space.
  2. Overhead per FTE
  3. Layout Planning – Our Layout Planning service assists clients with their variegated needs such as to open a new store or reconstruct an existing location. Our Layout Planning improves arrangement of machines, workstations and storage areas with the aim to utilize the available space optimally and avoid unnecessary transports in the scope of optimized processes.

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