Financial Services – Trade and Position Reconciliation

Infinit Accounting offers ISO 27001 & 9001 Six Sigma certified CPA’s at your service 24/7. We can help your company or firm with our financial services that includes Brokerage Reconciliation, Trade Reconciliation, Position and Cash Reconciliation.

Brokerage Reconciliation

Infinit Accounting’s Brokerage Reconciliation simplifies your brokerage reconciliation process by reducing management and clerical time, leading to improved management and audit controls, as well as increased speed and accuracy of reconciliation. We tailor fit our service to your business goals to ensure that it is provided exactly as it is needed—no more, no less—giving you outstanding value.

Trade Reconciliation

Our Trade Reconciliation service is a straight-through processing solution that drastically reduces your trading overhead and minimizes the operational risk associated to it. We have built policies and systems for this reconciliation outsourcing service that guarantee you will still retain control of your order flow and transaction history, all while we assist you in verifying information fidelity and completeness in your trade details. Infinit Accounting takes into consideration your need for swift action on discrepancies, structures the  escalation system according to your requirements, and monitors them in regular intervals to ensure all differences are reconciled in a timely manner.

Position and Cash Reconciliation • Daily Reconciliation

Infinit Accounting can also provide Position and Cash Reconciliation and Daily Reconciliation for you. We are able to record and handle even the most voluminous data, filtering out any discrepancy in any event, corporate action, currency exchanges, fund movements, and transfers to ensure an accurate match between the cash postings in our system and the bank’s cash postings. Any breaks are resolved promptly and done directly through contact with custodian banks to make certain that the resolution is as accurate as possible. We work hard to make sure you have accurate financial information ready even before your workday starts.

Post Settlement Compliance Reporting

Having the compliance and regulatory reporting’s increasingly strenuous regulations coupled with today’s challenging business environment has raised the standards even higher. Taking this in stride, Infinit Accounting’s capable compliance team ensures that your business is always in full compliance. We analyze the vast amounts data in your system with the proven toolset provided.  This guarantees your proper observance of client mandates through asset allocation, client-specific instructions, regulatory limitations, and client agreements among others.

Infinit Accounting is your complete full flood compliance provider that delivers immediate responses for automated valuation models, mortgage loan reports, and flood determination reports. Our compliance team is well-trained and well-equipped to keep you updated and compliant by performing flood file reviews, and policies and procedures reviews.

Exception Processing

Processing exceptions has always been an arduous and very hands-on process. Infinit Accounting’s Exception Processing offers an advanced processing technology that automates decision-making, qualification, and return of exception items. Keeping your unique process and business needs in mind, we approach it with a fresh set of eyes and provide you with the best solution fit for your specific needs.

We use a flexible model that helps streamline your workflow by allowing you to virtually execute exception processing at any desk in your office. This reduces required work effort and workflow disruptions. With this faster processing, electronic returns files are created for immediate delivery to the exchange partners of your choice.

NAV Generation and Performance

The accurate and timely generation of your business’ Net Asset Value (NAV) facilitates in proper valuation of your assets to give you an objective basis for your investment decision-making as well a simple tool for investors to gain a good grasp of your business.

Partnering with Infinit Accounting in the NAV generation helps you have up-to-date and accurate numbers. We guarantee that the calculations of NAV are correct at each valuation point, and errors, if any, are recognized and addressed the soonest possible.


Before the day ends, everything must be in order. With Infinit Accounting, our fully-capable team members make sure that your business’ finances are correct, regularly monitored, and if needed, have settlements dealt with right away. Even if this service is outsourced, you are assured that with the accurate knowledge of your finances provided, you have a firm control over its growth.

With Infinit Accounting, you can rest assured that our reconciliation outsourcing service is to a high standard and therefore extremely secure. We are ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management Systems certified, as well as ISO 27001:2005 for Information Security Management Systems certified. We also employ Six Sigma methodology when crafting our reconciliation outsourcing solutions for you, so we move methodically towards providing systematic answers for your reconciliation accounting goals.

When it comes to maintaining accurate numbers and generating timely, quality reports, Infinit Accounting is the right reconciliation outsourcing partner for you.

Get Ahead in Business with Finance and Accounting Outsourcing | Infinit-O

It doesn’t come as much surprise that the most time consuming and laborious business activities are the most prone to error and inaccuracy. Reconciliation accounting is one of these business activities. However, there is a solution to reducing, if not altogether eliminating the allocation of precious business resources to this activity while at the same time increasing accuracy and information fidelity.

With the right reconciliation outsourcing provider however, the heavy burden from the additional overhead, staffing and time required for reconciliation accounting can be offloaded to a better-equipped, more value-productive enterprise—such as Infinit Accounting.

Infinit Accounting has the expertise to handle even the most complex reconciliation outsourcing services. This is because we have very competent and highly trained team members who are well-versed and experienced in a broad range of finance and accounting functions. Infinit Accounting is composed of Certified Public Accountants, Certified Securities Specialists and even M.B.A. graduates. Infinit Accounting understands that your reconciliation outsourcing needs require a high degree of precision, and we provide only highly motivated and qualified personnel to accomplish your goals.

Infinit Accounting offers stellar reconciliation outsourcing for all kinds of finance and accounting needs applicable to a wide range of clients. We offer Brokerage Reconciliation, Trade Reconciliation, Position and Cash Reconciliation, Daily Reconciliation.  Apart from these, we also provide other services like Post Settlement Compliance Recording, Exception Processing, NAV Generation and Performance, and Settlements. All these are customized based on your unique business needs.