Mortgage Processing

A reliable mortgage process is essential for every company on the mortgage lending industry. Providing the best in class service solutions can be the key to build and expand your business and be successful in the competition.

Infinit Accounting can be your partner in managing your entire mortgage process – end to end or parts, depending on your needs.

Infinit Accounting provides mortgage process solutions that allow companies to remain competitive while keeping within budget. By working with our clients to optimize their existing mortgage process, we can assist them in identifying problem areas across the process as well as provide solutions that will substantially improve performance, solving problems in efficiency, quality and turnaround time.

Our Mortgage Processing service include:

  • Loan Origination
  • Underwriting Process
  • Preparation of Amortization Schedules
  • Completion

Equipped with ISO certified processes and highly-skilled analysts, Infinit Accounting is more than ready to assist you with your mortgage processing needs.

Infinit Accounting’s team members currently consists of ​Certified Public Accountants, Certified Securities Specialists, and ​M.B.A. graduates. This proves increase in work quality and excellence, especially on a broad range of finance and accounting functions, financial topics, including market dynamics and regulations, equity portfolio management, investment strategies, financial theories, and valuation techniques. Infinit Accounting has developed and enhanced the core analytical competencies of market analysts, brokers, investors, and other financial practitioners, and will continue doing so in the future.

Loan Origination

Companies need to provide best in class service solutions to get ahead of the competition. Infinit Accounting’s Loan Origination solutions help organizations process transactions quickly, accurately and in compliance with federal and state regulations.

Our Loan Origination solutions support all loan types, including consumer, commercial, residential, real estate, indirect and small business administration loans. It covers every step of the cycle, from file receipt to loan closing to servicing transfer. It has a fully configurable workflow wherein all core modules can be configured to support any portfolio.

With Infinit Accounting’s loan origination solution, revenue generation can be accelerated because more applications can be processed in the same (or shorter) amount of time, using less staff.

Underwriting Process

Transform your underwriting process into an accurate, efficient business engine that delivers competitive advantage. Infinit Accounting can make that possible.

Infinit Accounting helps you automate underwriting tasks and integrate data capture and validation across systems—reducing errors and speeding up cycles. You can gain real-time visibility into the end-to-end underwriting process and can even monitor and measure performance metrics to make improvements anytime.

At Infinit Accounting, you can shorten time to underwrite new policy applications while improving underwriting quality, control and profitability.

We utilize a framework of straight through processing to streamline the underwriting process. It involves enabling technologies like document imaging, use of business rule engine to configure underwriting rules, workflow management and document management interlinked into each other to automate the process of underwriting. It not only helps in faster underwriting process but also reduces the cost of underwriting.

Preparation of Amortization Schedules

The amortization schedule is one of the most important, yet overlooked, documents involved in the mortgage process, as it shows the true cost of a property.

Using an amortization schedule lets you track the principal balance, debt service payments, and principal and interest components of the payments on a debt instrument. Infinit Accounting can prepare your amortization schedules with guaranteed precise and accurate financial models and accounting records. Our service is ideal for mortgages, commercial loans, investments or taxes.

With our custom amortization schedules, we make it easy to service your customers more competently.


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