P&L Management

Profitability is an important element that helps a business gain market share. As a business, strategically managing your profit and loss (P&L) means a stable economic future for your company.

With Infinit Accounting, you don’t have to go through the time consuming and complex task of Profit and Loss Management, day in and day out. Our team of finance and investment associates, experienced in working with top multinational investment banks, will be taking care of that task for you.

Our Profit and Loss Management service can help you manage your exposure to the different kinds of risk in business including credit, market, currency, shape, volatility, liquidity, sector, and inflation risk. We can handle the preparation of your T+1 Profit and Loss Reports, as well as any other necessary accounting reports needed for the operation of a financial or banking institution within the established standards of the financial industry.

We provide you with your daily, weekly and monthly P&L results which are accurate, substantial, and calculated in an environment where the different risk considerations have been clearly outlined, understood and managed to the best of our abilities.

Infinit Accounting’s team members currently consists of ​Certified Public Accountants, Certified Securities Specialists, and ​M.B.A. graduates. This proves increase in work quality and excellence, especially on a broad range of finance and accounting functions, financial topics, including market dynamics and regulations, equity portfolio management, investment strategies, financial theories, and valuation techniques. Infinit Accounting has developed and enhanced the core analytical competencies of market analysts, brokers, investors, and other financial practitioners, and will continue doing so in the future.

By choosing Infinit Accounting, your company would have the freedom to focus on core business functions to improve your business and create operations aligned around risk based profitability.

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