Research Services

Staying on top of your business strategies can be difficult especially when markets are becoming more fragmented and technology are continuously evolving. Infinit Accounting can be your helping hand. We can provide you with the information you need to make strategic business decisions by offering our trademark in-depth research and analysis services.

Infinit Accounting offers customized Research Services, individually tailored to meet your business needs. We can help you better understand your customer requirements and preferences. We can assess how you or your clients are performing in terms of financial needs. We can help you better understand your competition. The list goes on.

We conduct timely and independent research concentrating on topics that are relevant to the global financial services industry. Our highly skilled and experienced research team provides our clients with a global perspective and an unparalleled understanding of market structure, market trends and the latest technological innovations in the finance and accounting industry.

Infinit Accounting’s Research Services include:

  • Industry, topic and company specific quantitative and qualitative research
  • Financial and Fundamental Research
  • Data Collection
    The proper collection of data can be complex and challenging. If you need marketing research that can be customized and is scalable, Infinit Accounting has your solution.Infinit Accounting understands the importance of technical support and effective operational processes. We have a large data collection networks. We can collect the information you need through phone, online, mobile devices, and using regular mail.Our fast, flexible data collection methodology can be the solution for a single task or a continuous project. As an industry specialist, we provide solutions that save our clients time, money and reduce and processing errors.We collect and store data and perform rigorous tests to assure the quality of the information. Our central data collection center is unparalleled with sophisticated survey storage technology.Included in our data collection service are analysis of data quality, collection of prospective client’s current data points, complete data collection and data delivery.

We know the figures and the facts, the innovations and the coming trends, consumer choices and the forces that shape them. At Infinit Accounting, we use that knowledge to formulate creative, actionable insights you can use straight away to improve your business.

Infinit Accounting’s team members currently consists of ​Certified Public Accountants, Certified Securities Specialists, and ​M.B.A. graduates. This proves increase in work quality and excellence, especially on a broad range of finance and accounting functions, financial topics, including market dynamics and regulations, equity portfolio management, investment strategies, financial theories, and valuation techniques. Infinit Accounting has developed and enhanced the core analytical competencies of market analysts, brokers, investors, and other financial practitioners, and will continue doing so in the future.

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