What We Do

Service Features

  • Daily, weekly, monthly online reconciliation of accounts using BGL Simple Fund 360, Class Super or any other cloud based SMSF software
  • “Close to real time” transaction processing
  • Highly accessible fund information
  • Up to date investment valuation, pension, and contribution information
  • Complete and audit ready electronic work papers, reports and tax returns for a financial year
  • Cloud based electronic filing system for critical SMSF documents
  • Australian standard work output
  • World class work quality and integrity
  • State of the art data security 100% of the time

Monthly Services

  • Daily, monthly reconciliation of SMSF accounts using cloud based SMSF software
  • Online fund transaction processing and reporting
  • Fund balance sheet & profit and loss statements
  • Preparation and electronic lodgement of quarterly BAS/IAS returns
  • Electronic file maintenance for the fund’s permanent and investment documents

Annual Services

  • Preparation of audit ready annual SMSF financials and tax return supported by duly referenced electronic working papers
  • Annual GST Return
  • Pension calculation for the ensuing year
  • Minutes of meeting preparation


  • Infinit Accounting SMSF solutions offer the following benefits:
  • Optimizes the value of cloud computing technology for the SMSF industry
  • Reduces resourcing and overhead costs, improves profitability of service providers
  • Allows “growing minus investing in people and technology”
  • Enables premium service offering at the price of low cost options in Australia
  • Enhances client relationship due to improved and timely service