Accounts Receivable Outsourcing

In business, cash is king. Cash flow is the lifeblood of any enterprise, and having an efficient system for accounts receivable is essential steadily managing the flow of cash and payments. Often however, managing accounts receivable takes a toll on a business’s limited resources, taking up time that could instead be invested in growing the business. That said, accounts receivable outsourcing frees up two of the most valuable assets of any company—time and money.

With Infinit Finance and Accounting’s high-reliability, you can maximize efficiency and focus on growth opportunities, significantly reducing the cost of managing accounts receivable without sacrificing quality and swift account turnover.

Infinit Finance and Accounting provides several key advantages for firms looking to outsource their accounts receivable. We employ Dedicated Operating Teams who run and function as if they were the in-house accounts receivable department of your business, tailor fitting processes to make them more efficient and convenient to your business needs.

At Infinit Finance and Accounting, we employ the finest and most capable personnel, all highly motivated and skilled. We ensure that their competencies are aligned with the custom needs of our clients, allowing us to demand exemplary results as we greatly invest in their development. Infinit Finance and Accounting provides superior pay packages and benefits to ensure only the most promising candidates—and once they become part of our organization, we continually train them and assess their performance. We help and guide them to be the best in their field, and in turn, the best for your business.

Because we value security and accuracy, Infinit Finance and Accounting is ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems and ISO 27001:2005 Information Security Management certified. We also know that accounts receivable outsourcing, like any other accounting process, requires very high standards of performance and security because it has a direct relation to your cash flow, which is why our accounting teams are dedicated to ensuring that accounts are billed and collected as fast as possible. Expect only maximum accuracy and confidentiality so you can focus on growth and development.

As finance and accounting outsourcing matured, outsourcing firms continually explored new frontiers to provide new services to enterprises. Infinit Finance and Accounting is at the forefront of providing new answers to your complicated needs, and its experience with accounts receivable outsourcing gives it valuable insights that can provide novel solutions which in turn give stellar results.

The key to Infinit Finance and Accounting’s ability to provide great solutions for its client’s requirements not only derives from our familiarity and proficiency in accounting outsourcing, but from our use of Six Sigma methodology in identifying the root of our client’s needs before handling them with a systematic solution. This ensures that we can provide a scalable solution to even the most complex scenarios.

Infinit Finance and Accounting ensures fidelity with a customized solutions methodology and performance benchmarks through the use of Service Level agreements. This gives Infinit Finance and Accounting and our clients the opportunity to measure performance and evaluate the results of the service. Immediate and proactive issue resolution can have profound effects on our client’s cash flow, so having your receivable accounts outsourced can especially make you benefit from Service Level Agreements.

At Infinit Finance and Accounting, your needs are of paramount, so we take all the necessary steps to ensure their growth and satisfaction.

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