Fund Accounting

A special type of accounting, fund accounting emphasizes “accountability rather than profitability” for use of non-profit organizations and governments. Raising funds for non-profit purposes requires specific adherence with laws and regulations, and special restrictions and limitations. Because of this, fund accounting is essential in making sure that government and non-profit financial activities are being done properly.

Outsourcing your fund accounting requirements allows you to focus more on the other important aspects of your non-profit work while essentially saving on costs and manpower. Infinit Accounting provides fund accounting services tailed to your specific needs.

Our team of CPAs and experts will act as your fund accounting department, without the additional operational costs of an in-house team. By With our ISO certified processes, we ensure that all the data of your non-profit endeavors are safeguarded according to the highest quality standards.

Infinit Accounting’s team members currently consists of ​Certified Public Accountants, Certified Securities Specialists, and ​M.B.A. graduates. This proves increase in work quality and excellence, especially on a broad range of finance and accounting functions, financial topics, including market dynamics and regulations, equity portfolio management, investment strategies, financial theories, and valuation techniques. Infinit Accounting has developed and enhanced the core analytical competencies of market analysts, brokers, investors, and other financial practitioners, and will continue doing so in the future.

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